• Lots of People Turning Out to Vote in Maine, Which Is a Good Thing?

    Things are looking kind of pretty okay up in Maine, where people are turning out in unusual numbers to cast their vote either for civil liberties or against basic human decency that really shouldn't need to be defended

    Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap told me just now that turnout there is far exceeding his projections — news that would be good news for backers of same-sex marriage.

    "We're seeing heavy and very steady turnout," he said, attributing the surprise to the contested vote on a "people's veto" of a same-sex marriage law driving Mainers to the polls…

    "I think we could be over 50%" for the state," Dunlap said. "We originally projected 35%."

    Hopefully, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is correct in his analysis of the high voter turnout.  It would be really depressing if this turned out to be  a case of a bunch of a huge chunk of the state making it a point to take the time out of their day to steal a bunch of strangers' rights away from them just because.

    I mean, can you imagine something that depressing? In this country?!





    God, please let that not be what's happening.

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