• Teabag Candidate Doug Hoffman Just Might Be Soaking in Victory

    Remember how last week, liberal asshats — like this jagoff over here — were being all hahaha about the only teeny tiny little bit of good news that came out of Election Night?

    Well, the Teabagger who hahahas last, hahahas the most depressingly for America

    Although [Conservative Doug] Hoffman was reportedly down by 5,335 votes when he conceded the election last Tuesday night, a recanvassing of the county’s 11 districts has Hoffman trailing [Democrat Bill] Owens by just 3,026 votes — 63,672 to 66,698. The largest voting error was found in what was supposed to be Hoffman’s stronghold, Oswego County. Election night reports there showed the Conservative Party candidate holding onto a slim lead of 500 votes; the revised results have Hoffman's margin at 1,748.

    The results of the recanvassing mean that the election will be decided by a count of absentee ballots. More than 11,000 were reportedly distributed.

    If he does end up winning, you won't need to read about it in the papers or online? You'll hear it. It'll be the sound of a hundred thousand Teabaggers screaming out in simultaneous orgasmic ecstacy.

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