• Sarah Palin's Book Is the Sarah Palin's Book We've Been Waiting For

    John Ziegler — the right-wing documentarian guy who made How Obama Got Elected and Media Malpractice — has read Sarah Palin's new book and [SPOILER ALERT] he loved it!

    I was simply blown away by Going Rogue on almost every level. For many reasons, this is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime.

    What's the opposite of the opposite of hyperbole? Oh, yeah. Awesomeness!

    Among other things, we discover that Sarah Palin has a ridiculously good memory…

    As impressive as the details of the storytelling are, the real strength of Going Rogue is its brutal honesty…

    Going Rogue is actually several books in one. It is a compelling biography, a gripping campaign tell-all, an expose on the sad state of our news media, a substantive outline of a political philosophy and even a comprehensive refutation of juicy tabloid rumors…

    I believe that if this book is the success that it could and should be, there will be a groundswell among the Republican base demanding that she run. I strongly believe that if every Republican primary voter reads this book, Sarah Palin will win the 2012 nomination in a landslide, whether she wants it or not.

    Sarah Palin/Sarah Palin's Book '12!

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