• A Dramatic Call for Tim Geithner's Resignation, Dramatized

    REP. KEVIN BRADY (R-TX): You suck. I hate you. Everybody hates you.

    TIM GEITHNER: That's not true. Everybody hates the economic crisis, which is what I'm trying to fix.

    REP. KEVIN BRADY: No. In the last nine months you, personally, have fired millions of people from their jobs. I think you need a hobby. One that does not involve singlehandedly destroying our economy. If you like numbers, perhaps you should try Sudoku.

    TIM GEITHNER: Do you not even remember the past eight years?

    REP. KEVIN BRADY: Maybe I'd have more time to remember things if I didn't have to spend all my time worrying about you destroying our economy.

    TIM GEITHNER: Jesus fucking Christ.

    REP. KEVIN BRADY: I demand that you resign, right now. Give me the keys to your office. And your tie.

    TIM GEITHNER: Are you serious?

    REP. DARRELL ISSA (R-CA): Kevin! You stole my line!

    SEN. CHARLES SCHUMER (D-NY): Hey, can we talk about Chinese currency manipulation for a sec?

    TIM GEITHNER: Yes, fine, I'll get on that, Chuck, but ISN'T IT INTERESTING that I can singlehandedly destroy the economy yet I have to ask all these other people before I can impose a few simple trade sanctions on China? Isn't that INTERESTING, Rep. Brady?


    The End! (Except, you know, not.)

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