• Mary Landrieu Only Charged Harry Reid $100 Million for Her Health Care Vote

    mary-landrieu-verticalThe big news from the weekend, of course, is that the Senate voted 60-39 along purely partisan lines to allow debate on this health care legislation. Can you even imagine? Sixty whole Democrats agreeing to debate a bill, that they wrote, about things that affect the country. Whatever will they do next, tie their shoelaces?

    Because the Democrats needed all 60 votes to proceed, Harry Reid spent last week "wooing" (ew!) Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, his party's last holdout and a very coy lady. How coy is she? Try $100 million coy

    [Landrieu], one of three lawmakers being wooed by Democratic leaders to back health-care legislation, won the inclusion of an extra $100 million in federal aid for low-income people in her state.

    Landrieu, a Democrat, has championed federal aid for rebuilding Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area in 2005.

    With those funds secured for her state Landrieu voted with the rest of the Dems, and she is so grateful for this consideration that she will spend the rest of the session telling the press that she's just not going to let Harry Reid have that public option he wants so much…

    "I believe it's going to be very clear at some point very soon that there are not 60 votes for the [public option] provision in the bill, and that the leader and the leadership are going to have to make a decision and I trust that they will figure out how to do that," Landrieu told reporters.

    Yes, Harry, perhaps you can "figure out how to do that" in dollars, know what I'm sayin'?

    But hey, tis the holiday shopping season. Maybe Mary Landrieu will offer a "buy one vote, get one 50% off" deal. Or throw in complimentary gift-wrapping, at least.

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