• Sarah Palin Is President of Iraq, Now

    Yesterday Sarah Palin's readin' rainbow beamed down on Fort Bragg, N.C., where she "promised to limit her enthusiasm" by not giving a speech about how much she hates President Obama. But pity the Army management elites who try to hold Sarah Palin down! Instead of talking with words she just autographed this here Iraqi dinar ("money"), which is decorated with a portrait of Saddam Hussein and a bunch of foreign Muslim writing.

    Barack Obama would never in a million years have the stones to do such a thing. Point taken, President Palin, point taken.

    (Via Getty Images, which notes that the autograph was signed "for 82nd Airborne's Sgt. David Vogelslang during the signing of her memoir 'Going Rogue' on the North Post Exchange." Makes a great bookmark, I guess.)

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