• The Obamas' First State Dinner Was Lovely, Except for the Gaffes

    As if our president hasn't humiliated America enough lately, now this, from last night's state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh…

    The special dinner menu — a lavish mélange of Indian and American favorites as well as several excellent wines — was rife with typos.

    For their third course, the 320 guests who attended the event were offered a dish that, according to the menu, included potato dumplings with tomato chutney and "chick peas," which should in fact have been "chickpeas." That course, the menu noted, was paired with an excellent red wine, a "2007 Granache" from Beckmen Vineyards. One of the most widely planted varieties of red grape in the world, the correct spelling for the popular varietal is actually "Grenache," with only one "a," not two.

    I have no idea how such a travesty slipped past the White House — perhaps Sasha and Malia were allowed to type up the menus, for extra credit at school? — but I do know that one of you patriots needs to download this 2,074-page health care bill and proofread it immediately.

    Because if there's one thing Americans won't tolerate, it's an assault on the English language.

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