• Awesome Advice for President Obama Re: Afghanistan Troop Levels

    barack-obama-podiumFeel free to exhale: President Obama has finally given the order to send about 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, just like everyone knew he would. (Uh, feel free to continue holding your breath if you're about to deploy, or if you're related to one of those 30,000 troops.)

    We'll hear more about "this Afghanistan thing" when the president gives a speech at West Point tomorrow night, but he'd better be careful

    Georgia Rep. Tom Price, just back from Afghanistan, told CNN Monday that President Obama must sound resolute about his commitment to winning the war in Afghanistan when he unveils his military strategy for the country Tuesday evening.

    "If he says that he's going to commit 32,000 or 34,000 more troops and maybe it will work or maybe it won't, that's not the message we need to hear or the world needs to hear," said Price, a Republican who spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Afghanistan.

    Thank you, Rep. Price! "War, man, whatcha gonna do? Send some troops? Sure, fine. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't, I dunno, hey, you hear about Tiger Woods? That is some crazy shit right there."

    This is the exact presidential address we have now been saved from hearing.

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