• Arch-Criminal Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) Narrowly Escapes the Long Arm of the Law

    Barry Soetoro — the Indonesian fundamentalist Muslim operative currently masquerading as Barack Hussein Obama and illegally holding the position of President of the United States hostage — lives to president another day.

    And we have Monroe County, Tennessee to blame for this travesty of justice

    Walt Fitzpatrick, of Sweetwater, has long sought an indictment against President Barack Obama on treason charges, appeared before the Monroe County Grand Jury Tuesday seeking to bring treason charges against the president. Monroe County is one of the few places in the country where a citizen can present a case to the grand jury. In most areas, only a prosecutor can bring a case to the grand jury…

    The grand jury indictments will be sealed until Dec. 7, but Fitzpatrick's comments after he came out of the grand jury room indicated he did not get what he wanted.

    Fitzpatrick told his followers lined up outside the Monroe County Courthouse that it appeared like he would have the case heard in another county.

    Maybe it's just as well. When the feds finally do catch up with Barry "The Scimitar" Soetoro, one thing's for sure: He won't go quietly, see. He'll take down this whole country, see. One push of a button and Kablammo! You'll pay! You'll all pay, see!

    And he would've gotten away with it if it were for you meddling birthers!

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