• Joe Biden Screws Everything Up Once Again

    When I was growing up in suburban South Jersey, we had a cocker spaniel named Muffins*, who — to put it simply — was not a good dog. She wasn't mean-spirited or vicious; she had behavioral issues. She would shit all over the house. No matter how many times we tried to train her to go outside, she couldn't grasp the concept, and then she'd go and drop one behind the couch.**

    Eventually, when we couldn't take it any longer, we had her put down.*** You have to understand, it was for her own good. So she could be spared the continued shame of failure.

    What I'm saying is: I think it's time we had Joe Biden put down

    Can you even believe that? He came out from behind that curtain a few seconds too early. Shameful, shameful behavior from a sitting vice president. He is truly an embarrassment to all of America and everyone who died defending our freedoms.****


    * No, we didn't.
    ** The non-existent dog did not do that.
    *** Don't worry, the dog that never actually existed is just fine.
    **** No, he isn't.

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