• I Guess I'm a Racist, Sexist, Puppy-Killing Psychopath Who Never Calls My Mom

    The clip you're about to watch shows the American melting pot at its finest: black people, white people, old people, young people, brown people, stethoscope people, all united in the common cause of feeling oppressed because — wait for it — they're racists! Ha, just kidding, of course they're not racists. But everyone thinks they're racists, because of Jimmy Carter.

    Don't you get it?

    Too bad these United Colors of Wahhh folks felt they had to use sarcasm to get their point across. "I Guess I'm an Easily-Manipulated Person Who Enjoys Being Outraged by Whatever Straw Man the Talk Radio Guy Tells Me About," now, that's a straightforward message I'd actually believe.

    (Via Andrew Sullivan. I guess he's a blogger.)

    Tags: Barack Obama, Health Care, Racism


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