• Barack Obama Backs "Cash for Caulkers," Ushering in New Era of Double Entendres

    President Obama just gave his big speech on the "jobs situation," which is that "people do not have jobs." What is he going to do about that?

    President Obama outlined a series of broad job creation ideas Tuesday that build on some of the most successful elements of the stimulus package passed earlier this year, including tax cuts for small businesses, incentives to hire new workers and a fresh round of infrastructure spending.

    The president also recommended that Congress enact a new "cash for caulkers" program, which would offer financial incentives for homeowners to weatherize their homes.

    Yep. This was the best name anyone could muster for a Weatherization Incentive Program, "cash for caulkers." Or, as I'm sure someone on the internet is about to type in all seriousness, "suck caulk, America." "Caulk-loving Democrats." "Insatiable caulk fiends." Ugh. Great.

    When the aliens invade and ask President Palin about the demise of American discourse, I hope he* tells them that we were done in by our own addiction to alliteration.**


    * Trig. I'm assuming we still have some time.

    ** And the internet, of course.

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