• Joe Lieberman Is the Little Senator That Could (Destroy Health Care Reform to Serve His Own Ego)

    Poor, Joe Lieberman. The droopy li'l senator from Connecticut just gets so sad and lonely sometimes. I mean, what with 99 other senators walking around Capitol Hill, being asked about important decisions, and having their pictures taken with constituents, sometimes ol' Joe feels left out and ignored. And that makes him all frowny.

    But that's why the health care debate is so excellent. It gives him a chance to essentially hold every uninsured American hostage and force them to pay attention to him

    Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent who caucuses with his former party, says he is feeling "relevant" as he threatens to withhold his vote — potentially the decisive 60th — on health-care reform legislation if it includes a government-run insurance plan. And it is hard to dispute that as Capitol Hill moves farther from the "public option," to the consternation of liberals.

    "There is no question he's taken pleasure in this role," said Jacob S. Hacker, a Yale political scientist who helped craft the initial proposal for the public option.

    Yay, Joe Lieberman! What an important guy you are! You are our special little guy.

    At least until 2012.

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