• Gay Republicans Asking President Obama to Be Opposed to Killing Homosexuals

    Gay Republicans — who apparently still actually exist for some reason — are asking President Obama to take some time away from accepting Nobel Prizes for peace to call for a little not-murder

    While the President is in Norway accepting a Nobel Peace Prize, Ugandan political leaders are considering a bill that criminalizes gays and lesbians. "If the President wants to start earning the Nobel Peace Prize he is accepting, he can start by speaking out against this outrageous Ugandan law," said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud – the only national organization for gay conservatives and their allies.

    "President Obama's lack of leadership on international human rights issues is appalling," continued LaSalvia. "From his refusal to confront the radically anti-gay regime in Iran to his refusal to speak out against this proposed Ugandan law — this President's silence speaks volumes about his priorities.

    Jeeze. When gay Republicans have the undeniable moral high ground and can with straight faces call you out for your hypocrisy, it's probably getting to be around that time when you should start rethinking your strategies.

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