• President Obama's Nobel War Prize Speech a Hit with Conservatives

    It appears that President Obama has finally gotten a little of the Republican love his been courting lo these many months as president, and all he had to do was read a Braveheart monologue while accepting the NobelĀ  Peace Prize.

    Sarah Palin, for example, pointed out that — but for the fact that his acceptance speech was comprehensible — it could have one of her own

    I liked what he said," Palin told USA Today. "I talked too in my book about the fallen nature of man and why war is necessary at times." The speech "sounded really familiar," Palin said.

    As if that wasn't unkind enough, a GOP strategist Bradley A. Blakeman heaped upon even greater praise by association…

    "The irony is that George W. Bush could have delivered the very same speech," [Blakeman] said.

    Wow. These people do not pull their punches, do they?

    It was bad enough when they were comparing him to Hitler and the Antichrist. This is just going too far.

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