• Joe Lieberman on Health Care Reform: "Thhhbbbbppptt"

    joelieberman2Well well, look who is the most important widdle Senator in Washington after all! You want affordable health care, America? You're gonna have to go through Joe Lieberman, and Joe Lieberman is a rock. He is an island. A coral reef of stubborn obstruction

    In a move that senior leadership aides say has left them stunned, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) that he will filibuster a tentative public option compromise unless it's stripped of its key component: a measure that would allow people aged 55-64 to buy insurance through Medicare.

    The development casts substantial doubt on whether or not a health care reform bill can pass in the Senate, and even more doubt on whether a bill that does pass the Senate will be reconcilable with substantially more progressive House legislation in such a way that a final reform package can once again pass in both chambers of Congress.

    Stunned! That's what senior Democrats were, when Joe Lieberman changed his mind about a thing he used to support and pledged to be as difficult as possible about it!

    Who wants to take a bus to Washington and tell these folks that there's no Santa Claus, either?

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