• Barack Obama Sure Ain't No George W. Bush (and That's Kind of Starting to Feel Like a Bad Thing)

    AmericaBlog's John Aravosis puts into words the dark inky pool of despair that many liberal voters can feel welling up in their chests today…

    It's not about the votes, people. It's about leadership. The current occupant of the White House doesn't like to fight, and the leadership in Congress has never been as good at their jobs, at marshaling their own party, as the Republicans were when they were in the majority…

    When you have a President who is constitutionally, or intellectually, unable to stand for anything, and a congressional leadership that, rather than disciplining its own members and forging ahead with its own agenda, cedes legislative authority to a president who refuses to lead, you have a recipe for exactly what happened last night. Weakness, chaos, and failure.

    We lost real health care reform not because we don't have a "real" filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. We lost health care reform because we don't have a real leader anywhere in our party.

    But, hey, if Obama keeps playing nice and giving his lunch money to the Republicans, maybe eventually they'll stop beating him up and become his best friends.

    Let's all hope really hard!

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