• Joe Lieberman Opposed Medicare Buy-In Because the Idea of It Didn't Depress Democrats Enough

    Joe Lieberman to Democrats: Fuck you!!!

    Mr. Lieberman said that he grew apprehensive [of the Medicare Buy-in] when a formal proposal began to take shape. [...]

    And he said he was particularly troubled by the overly enthusiastic reaction to the proposal by some liberals, including Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York, who champions a fully government-run health care system.

    You know, though, it's pretty easy to characterize Lieberman as a childish, amoral, self-obsessed, traitorous lower-colon face. But it's not like Democrats deserve any better than this kind of treatment.

    After they capitulated on every single issue and allowed blatant back-stabbings to go unpunished, what incentive did they leave for Lieberman to ever behave like a decent human being?

    Simple decency? That's not an incentive in Washington; it's a character flaw.

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