• North Carolina Councilman May Lose Job Because He Is a Dirty, Evil Atheist

    In case you were worried that North Carolina maybe wasn't doing everything it could to drag itself back into the Dark Ages after uncharacteristically handing its electoral votes to Barack Obama in 2008, you can pretty much stop worrying about that.

    The North Cackalackians are totally all over that shit

    Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell believes in ending the death penalty, conserving water and reforming government — but he doesn't believe in God. His opponents say that's a sin that makes him unworthy of serving in office, and they have the North Carolina Constitution on their side.

    Bothwell's detractors are threatening to take the city to court for swearing him in, even though the state's requirement that officeholders believe in God is unenforceable because it violates the U.S. Constitution.

    You see, they are enforcing a higher Constitution. God's Constitution. And there is no First Amendment in God's Constitution. There is only an Alpha Amendment and an Omega Amendment. And both of those are about crushing your religious opponents.

    Rachel Maddow did a segment on these brave anti-Bill of Rights patriots and their efforts to drive out the insidious atheist snake in their garden on her show last night. After the jump…

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