• Barack Obama's Plea to the Citizens of Facebookopia

    Are you friends with Barack Obama on Facebook? I am. (Oh, you know, we play Scrabble and write about memories of each other. He threw a cow at me once.)

    About an hour ago, he posted the following status update

    "We simply cannot allow differences over individual elements of this plan to prevent us from meeting our responsibility to solve a longstanding and urgent problem for the American people. There is too much at stake. Please call your senators: 202-559-1161"

    I don't think he really gets how the whole status update thing is supposed to work. Isn't it more supposed to be used to let people you knew in high school know what kind of pizza your currently eating and why?

    Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Of the 1000+ responses so far (I only read about 95% of them), this was my favorite…

    "Actually, Mr. Obama, it's your turn to do some heavy lifting. I've made calls, at your behest, since this battle began. Why don't you stand up to the likes of Joe Lieberman and take a stand for what you say, or rather said, you believe in. No public option, ok. But not even a medicare buy-in? Come on. Take a page from the LBJ book and grow some and stand up for what we, as liberals, believe in."

    When you've let your Facebook friends down, I really don't know what to say. This guy better give his base something soon, or I have a feeling that a lot of people aren't going to so jazzed up about poking him in 2012.

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