• Ben Bernanke Beats a Chinese Worker

    ben-bernanke-time-person-of-the-yearTime Magazine has named Ben Bernanke "Person of the Year" for 2009, the last year in which conversational date shorthand will be easy (oh-ten? ten?).

    Wonder what Ben's critics on Capitol Hill think of this citation, especially the first bit

    "He was the great scholar of the Depression who saw another depression coming, and did everything he could to stop it," [Time managing editor Richard] Stengel said of Bernanke. "He's a controversial figure. He's a Republican appointed by a Democratic president. It's a really interesting combination of factors."

    Also interesting is Time's list of runners-up, which includes "the Chinese worker," a symbolic amalgamation of all those faraway people whose names are too hard to pronounce anyway. Sorry, symbolic Chinese worker, better luck next year! (Let's go with oh-ten.) At least you have the honor of knowing that you manufactured the clippers Ben Bernanke uses to keep his beard tidy, so in that sense, you win.

    Heck, we all win.

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