• Democrats More Likely to Believe in Ghosts, Reincarnation, Other Scientifically-Proven Things

    Ed Brayton — over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars — discovered the best ever article from WorldNetDaily, a site that I really need to read more often because it is so smart.

    As WND points out, a new poll shows the actually embarrassing fact that

    Democrats are far more in touch with the dead than Republicans and they also visit fortune-tellers more often… The results also show that Democrats are far more likely to believe in supernatural phenomena than Republicans.

    Yikes! That's not a poll result to be proud of Democrats! What's funny is that since practically all liberals are born in late-December/early-January, that their innate Capricornian practicality would keep them from believing in deeply-embarrassing stuff like that.

    One thing's for sure: You won't catch conservatives buying into unprovable, ancient, mystical superstition like that. Isn't that right, very-next-paragraph-of-WorldNetDaily-article?

    The Bible has plenty to say about communicating with the dead and dabbling with mediums, psychics, fortune-tellers, witchcraft, astrology and characters such as the devil and his wicked demons. Find out specifics in this autographed, No. 1 best-seller that champions the truth of God!

    Right! You know, God didn't send Himself down to Earth to have Himself executed to appease Himself and forgive us for all the sins we weren't even aware we were committing for nothing!

    Come on, Democrats! Stop being so gullible and start worshiping the man who lives in the sky!

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