• Praying Away the Devil in the Health Care Details

    You know what's been sadly lacking in the increasingly convoluted and confusing debate over health care reform? The ancient mythologies of fearful Bedouin tribespeople. Why is there not more of that in this discussion?

    Don't worry. Our prayers have been answered

    The Family Research Council Action PAC held an extraordinary "prayercast" event last night, praying for the intercession of God to change Senators' minds and stop the health care bill…

    "[T]he Bible's very clear that prayer affects government," said [Co-host Lou] Engle. "Esther's three-day fast changed public policy; Daniel's fast changed public policy; and it's the same, yesterday, today and forever, and that's why we're here."

    I believe that Engle is referring to how Queen Esther went around collecting prayergnatures for her prayertition to have King Ahasuerus reroute a proposed sewage line through the south side of Persia. That story always gets me.

    Sens. Jim DeMint and Sam Brownback were there (of course), as well as Reps. Todd Akin. Wild horses attempted to keep Rep. Michele Bachmann from attending the blatantly religious event, but were completely unable to do so. She was even gracious enough to lead all in an opening prayer…

    I know what you're thinking. But those people were all Republicans! Why would that ever happen ever in this world? Well, as it turns out, there was one guest who traveled from all the way across the aisle…

    [T]here was one Democrat, Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, who appeared via a pre-recorded video message. "You know, the power of prayer knows no bounds," said McIntyre.  "The true source of power is not found in the halls of congress or the chambers of the Supreme Court or the Oval Office of the west wing, but rather on our knees at the throne of grace."

    Isn't that just like a Democrat? Always prostrating himself before a foreign leader. Shameful.

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