• What Should We Expect When Expecting Health Care Reform?

    Yesterday, I mentioned that the left-wing blogoshereopolis is currently engaged in an actual adult-person kind of debate — i.e. one that does not involves neither ad hominem attacks nor crying on TV — over whether Americans should accept the warm, steaming pile of health care bill that Congress is serving us or if we should send it back to the kitchen and re-request the thing we asked for in the first place.

    Glenn Greenwald — whom, if my sources are correct, has been known occasionally rock a boat from time to time — has waded into the debate. His post over at Salon is characteristically tall and filled with many words, but it's well worth reading if you're interested in that sort of thing.

    Here, though, is the bit that hit me the hardest…

    [I]f progressives always announce that they are willing to accept whatever miniscule benefits are tossed at them (on the ground that it's better than nothing) and unfailingly support Democratic initiatives (on the ground that the GOP is worse), then they will (and should) always be ignored when it comes time to negotiate; nobody takes seriously the demands of those who announce they'll go along with whatever the final outcome is.

    Seriously, liberals have to grow some balls and start demanding some satisfaction from the legislators. I think we should start a movement, motivate people, wake people from their stupors and send them out into the streets, filled with bilious self-righteous anger, to take what's theirs, make the country start working for them!

    That said, I'll go along with whatever everybody else wants to do.

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