• Senate Health Care Vote Decided by Ben Nelson, a Sack of Money and Abortion

    Couple quick corrections, here. One: Turns out a Stupak-style anti-abortion amendment to the Senate health care bill was non-non-negotiable for Ben Nelson (D-Neb.). In fact, that's what he spent the entire weekend negotiating, which brings us to… Two: Joe Lieberman may not be the most important widdle Senator in Washington after all, though he is still the widdlest.

    Ben Nelson wound up being the final holdout, the lone soldier who could've prevented Senate Democrats from getting the 60 votes they needed to proceed with health care reform, and all it took to get him on board for last night's this morning's roll call was a promise of free Medicare for Nebraska forever.

    Plus, of course, a compromise on abortion coverage, which is all the rage these days…

    [A] woman who receives federal subsidies to help her buy coverage and selects a plan that offers abortion services would have to send two checks to the insurance company. One would be placed in an account reserved specifically for abortion coverage.

    Genius. Keeping those reproductive rights-having ladies and their radioactive legal-procedure-paying-for dollars separate from the rest of America via annoying paperwork, that's really the point of this whole thing, isn't it?

    Just a warning for Ben Nelson and anyone else traveling to visit relatives this week: You may be forced to drive on highways that were paid for in part by women who have had or may someday have an abortion, and there is absolutely no legislation to prevent that from happening, at least not yet.

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