• David Paterson Slyly Adds Turtle, Drama and E to the Payroll

    You ever have one of those days in which you're repeatedly awestruck by the genius of our elected officials?

    Of course you have. It's called today

    [New York] Gov. [David] Paterson's security detail has been doubled in the last year for what are being called "political" reasons, and is now bigger than the entire State Police force patrolling Long Island, troopers have told The Post.

    "The governor wants to have an entourage — three or four cars — wherever he goes because he thinks it makes him look more gubernatorial, it helps him politically," contended a senior official with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

    This is a very savvy move on Paterson's part. This is 120 percent guaranteed to work.

    Just look at how this strategy made Snoop Dogg into the political powerhouse he is today.

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