• Karl Rove Is Getting Divorced, According to Dana Perino?

    So, Karl Rove's wife and Karl Rove are getting a divorce, which is sad. I guess. But also kind of good. Because people shouldn't be forced to live together in unhappy marriages, right? Especially not when one of those people is a sociopathic shell of a human being.

    However, that's not the really sad part of this story…

    Karl Rove, former senior adviser to President George W. Bush, has been granted a divorce in Texas after 24 years of marriage, family spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

    "Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week," said Perino. "The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. There will be no further comment, and the family requests that its privacy be respected."

    Huh? Dana Perino, the former White House Press Secretary is now the Rove House Press Secretary? Really? Is that really the best job she could get? Freelance spokespersoning for her old boss?

    I realize that the job market is kind of shit out there right now, and that being Press Secretary doesn't provide you with the most useful skill set, but is this really the best job Perino could find? Surely, there must be some corporation out there with a need for a pretty amoral blond woman to stand in front of cameras and say recite made-up things.

    Like, if she got a boob job and a collagen injection, I'm sure they'd hire her over at Fox News.

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