• The Real World: Terrorism, with Rep. Sue Myrick

    Where there's terror, there's Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC)! She didn't write the book on secret Muslim conspiracies, but she did write the forward for that book, and now she's making a series of terrorism-themed webisodes. Let's watch, shall we?

    This clip, entitled "Beyond Terrorism – The Whole Story," isn't super-exciting, unless ficus plants turn you on. Wait till the end, when Sue tries her hand at creating a catchphrase: "If the American people don't know what's going on, we might as well hang it up." It's no "Oh my God, they killed Kenny," but no one said entertainment was easy.

    This next clip, which explores "homegrown radical extremism," is 1,000 times better. According to her YouTube channel, in "Fort Hood – What You're Not Hearing," Rep. Myrick "spoke with four terrorism experts." Her staff didn't even try to edit this thing to make it look like she was within a mile of the "experts." How far does Sue Myrick's voice carry, anyway?

    I can't wait for future episodes of Sue Myrick Vs. The Muslim Conspiracy, although I think we all know where this is going.

    That's right. The hot tub.

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