• What Is Barack Obama Trying to Tell Us About Vampires?

    barack-obama-vertYesterday the president discussed national security failures in the wake of the Underbomber's attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane, and if you listened closely, some of his remarks may have sounded familiar…

    Obama ordered U.S. agencies to assign specific responsibilities for investigating all leads of terrorist threats so they are tackled "aggressively" in the wake of the attempted attack. And he ordered the agencies to move faster and more accurately in adding suspects to a watch list designed to stop terrorists before they strike.

    But he cautioned that there is "no silver bullet" or "foolproof way" to protect Americans from terrorists.

    Here's a White House statement from December, as President Obama prepared to give a speech on economic recovery…

    President Barack Obama will today outline ideas to spur job growth as his aides warned that there is no "silver bullet" to bring back the more than 7.2 million jobs that have been lost since the start of the recession.

    Last May, after a roundtable on employer health care costs, the president spoke with business leaders

    What we've done here today is to gather together some of these stories and best practices to make sure that they are going to be informing the health care reform discussions that take place here in Washington. There's no quick fix, there's no silver bullet.

    In April he talked about energy

    Marking Earth Day in Newton, Iowa, President Obama said there are no "silver bullets" or "magic energy sources" that can immediately reduce the United States' dependence on foreign oil or its energy needs, but the nation can lead the way in developing new technologies for a 21st century clean energy economy.


    But a stake through the heart, that still works, right?

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