• The Post in Which I Inform You That I've Been Gone for Two Weeks and Present You with a Video of George Bush Being Heckled

    Hi, Internet! I'm back! You did know that I was gone didn't you? Like, for the entirety of 2010 so far. Right? You were aware of that, I assume. (I'm going to assume that for for the benefit of my own fragile ego.)

    Anyway, I just flew in from Bogotá, Colombia, and boy are my arms tired (from carrying all of the drugs hidden in my luggage that I was muling into the U.S. for a paramilitary organization). I'm still struggling to figure out what's going on in the U.S. these past two weeks. Did we solve racism? I'll bet we did.

    While I acquaint myself with the new American utopia that has surely been created in my absence, please watch this clip of a douchebag with a video camera verbally assaulting a douchebag who used to be President of the United States (thank god we're past all that, right?)…

    Assholes. They're just like us!

    (via BuzzFeed)

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