• You Can't Do That (Hold the Prop 8 Trial) on Television

    Bad news for those hoping to follow the Prop 8 trial proceedings via closed-circuit TV feeds…

    The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to block the broadcast of a federal trial in California testing whether a voter initiative against gay marriage violates the Constitution.

    The proposition's defenders said broadcasting the proceedings could expose witnesses favoring the gay-marriage ban to harassment and ridicule. The Supreme Court majority backed that view, saying Proposition 8 supporters would likely suffer "irreparable harm" if the proceedings were shown through the closed-circuit feed.

    Harassment and ridicule! Good call. I know I've read hundreds of articles about gay teens shouting things like "eff you, you effing f-word hater" at their anti-gay peers. Whatever happened to tolerance?

    And irreparable harm, I mean, that's the kind of harm you can't undo. That's as permanent as losing thousands of dollars in tax credits, Medicare benefits and health insurance because you can't call your partner of 40 years your spouse. Thank goodness we're finally making real progress on civil rights in this country.

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