• Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Already in Dead Heat for Least Popular Candidate in 2012

    On the eve of President Obama's inauguration — with angry voters in Massachusetts turning out to hand the GOP a 41-59 controlling interest in the Senate — is it too early to look forward three years and start speculating on his reelection chances?

    Almost certainly. But let's do it anyway

    A year into his tenure, a majority of Americans would already vote against Pres. Obama if the '12 elections were held today, according to a new survey.

    The Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll shows 50% say they would probably or definitely vote for someone else. Fully 37% say they would definitely cast a ballot against Obama. Meanwhile, just 39% would vote to re-elect the pres. to a 2nd term, and only 23% say they definitely would do so.

    Wow! And only a year into his first term. It truly takes a special kind of politician to elicit that kind of reaction in voters. I wonder what did it? Was it the constant stream of acquiescence to conservatives? I'm sure that helped, but I'd put my money on the pissing all over everything his liberal base finds worthwhile.

    All this must bode excellent well for the Republican Party's great white white white white presidential hope, right?


    [A] new poll shows that [Sarah] Palin's situation is even worse than you might think. This survey, conducted by CBS News, shows that a sizeable majority of Americans — 71 percent — don't even want her to run. 21 percent of respondents, on the other hand, told CBS they do want her to.

    Even a majority of Republicans said they don't want her to run. 56 percent of respondents told CBS that, compared with 30 percent who disagreed.

    This truly will be a battle of personalities, huh? Looks like we'll finally be getting back to a good ol' American lesser of two evils election. Making difficult and unsavory decisions are what this nation was founded on. It's how our some of Founding Fathers ended up settling in Delaware over New Jersey.

    You know, if you think about it, 2012 might actually be Ralph Nader's year. That is if he can eek out a win over None of the Above.

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