• Facing Difficult Times, Democrats Come Together to Splatter Blame

    Say what you want about Democrats, but they do not dawdle. Immediately after winning the White House and achieving their supermajority, they got right to work capitulating to the right and  alienating their base.

    And now — with the polls still open for another two-and-a-half hours — they're already leaning into the exhausting working of blaming each other for Martha Coakley's stunning not-yet-defeat

    The Coakley campaign is bridling at finger-pointing from the White House and Washington Democrats, and an outside adviser to the campaign has provided to POLITICO a memo aimed at rebutting the charge that Coakley failed and making the case that national Democrats failed her…

    [A Coakley adviser] pointed to internal polling to argue that Coakley held a wide — 20 point — lead on Dec. 19, and that the damage she took between that survey and a Jan. 5 Rasmussen poll putting the race at 9 points came from the national scene: The Senate vote on health care, with the controversy over Ben Nelson's deal for Nebraska, and the Christmas Day bombing.

    You know what the really heartening thing about all this is? This kind of thing really brings all Americans together like nothing else does.

    When you think about it, today, we're all losers.

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