• Sen. Scott Brown Should Prove to Be a Real Game-Stay-the-Samer for Democrats

    Democrats are about to lose the supermajority that they kind of sort of almost maybe but not really had these past few months. What can we expect once Scott Brown walks onto the Senate floor?

    A defeat by Martha Coakley for the seat held by the late Edward M. Kennedy would be embarrassing for the party — and potentially debilitating, since Democrats will lose their filibuster-proof, 60-vote hold on the Senate.

    Yes, and a powerful weapon that turned out to be, huh? Can you even imagine a Democratic Senate hobbled by the loss of that amazingly potent superweapon?

    "The response will not be to do incremental things and try to salvage a few seats in the fall," a presidential adviser said. "The best political route also happens to be the boldest rhetorical route, which is to go out and fight and let the chips fall where they may. We can say, 'At least we fought for these things, and the Republicans said no.' "

    Ah, the old We, with our massive majority, tried, but the mean Republicans wouldn't let us! gambit. Look out, GOP! The Democrats are on the war path!

    The narrower majority will force more White House engagement with Republicans, which could actually help restore a bit of the post-partisan image that was a fundamental ingredient of his appeal to voters.

    "Now everything that gets done in the Senate will have the imprimatur of bipartisanship," another administration official said. "The benefits of that will accrue to the president and the Democratic Senate. It adds to the pressure on Republicans to participate in the process in a meaningful way, which so far they have refused to do."

    Aaaaawwww… Isn't that cute? This administration official has only just been introduced Washington D.C. and the concept of American politics this past week.

    It's nice to see that Obama administration is giving out jobs to infants.

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