• Cindy McCain in Favor of Gay Marriage Apparently

    Well, this is unexpected…

    That's Cindy McCain — mother of Meghan McCain, wife of sitting Republican Sen. John McCain, female scion of Sghalthor Seven of the 4th Imperial District of Galaxia Pilt — and she's coming out in favor of marriage equality.

    Sure, Meghan would support this, but her husband? Is it even possible that he's maybe also in favor of marriage equality? Can we even begin to entertain that possibility? (And don't even get me started on her parental gene-giving entity. That guy!)

    Mitt Romney, meanwhile, is being courted by a gay rights group to get him to pull some strings with Grand Elders of the Mormon Church (or whatever they're called) to stop their quiet-but-moneyed opposition to gay marriage. (Spoiler Alert: There's approximately a zero point zero percent chance that he'll go for it.)

    Can you imagine if Republicans actually picked up the cause — after the Democrats dropped like a used tissue — and actually did something with it? Wouldn't that be amazing?

    Also, it would be amazing if I had a unicorn with machine gun turrets and George Peppard's voice.

    Anyway… What were we talking about?

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