• Martha Coakley Goes Bowling

    David Rees — of the Get Your War On Reeses — wants you to pick the help finish this piece of topical political humor…

    Martha Coakley and her friends went bowling to celebrate her electoral defeat. (If she had won, she might've had to interact with people with bad teeth, and maybe even shake their hands.) After a few frames, Coakley's friends noticed she didn't seem interested in the game. Sometimes she'd roll her ball right into the gutter; other times, when it was her turn, she'd wave her hand and say, "Somebody else can do it."

    Eventually the game reached its climax: Coakley's team was down by nine points. It was Coakley’s turn. The game rested on her shoulders. She picked up her ball, shuffled to the line, squinted at the distant pins, and said "___________."

    You can choose from five different punchlines here.

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