• John Edwards Admits He Had a Baby with Whatshername, Not the Wife One

    mill-lowellJohn… Edwards. John Edwards. Johhhhn Edwarrrrrds. Ring any bells? Oh, yeah, he's the one who took John Kerry windsurfing in 2004, right? That guy? Big Brylcreem investor? Descendant of one of the mills on the Mayflower? Anyway, he's in the news again, because of his wandering penis…

    For the first time, John Edwards is publicly admitting that he is indeed the father of a 2-year-old daughter conceived with Rielle Hunter, a campaign videographer with whom he had an affair.

    In a written statement provided exclusively to NBC News, the former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential candidate says [Ed. note: Redacted translation: "Blah blah love privacy sorry yeah I'm giving the kid's mom money."].

    Edwards has denied wrongdoing. [Spokesman Harris] Hickman said that Edwards wanted to be honest about his child, but also wanted to protect his privacy.

    "He's not doing this as a way to try to bring attention to himself," Hickman said.

    Odd choice, seeing as there is literally no other reason why we would be writing about John Edwards this morning.

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