• The Venezuelan Media Blow the Whistle on Obama's Diabolical "Weapon of Earthquakes"

    You really can't get anything past the Venezuelan media, can you?

    Both a Venezuelan state-owned radio and television properties zeroed in on a secret U.S. "weapon of earthquakes" as the cause of the earthquake that struck Haiti last week causing a death toll could exceed 200,000 according to some sources.

    On the website of Radio Nacional de Venezuela (RNV) are published statements of the university professor, Vladimir Acosta, a regular contributor to the media controlled by the government of Hugo Chávez, accusing the U.S. of wanting to make Haiti a protectorate under the guise of the natural disaster.

    But to further the conspiracy theory, argued that "we have the worrisome suspicion that this earthquake may be associated with the project called HAARP, a system that can generate violent and unexpected changes in climate."

    The idea that President Obama would use a weather-controlling weapon to cause the Haitian earthquake is absurd.

    That would involve formulating a plan and making a decision.

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

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