• Barack Obama Decriminalizes Haggis

    Well, if nothing else — and that might just prove to be the case — Barack Obama can rest soundly knowing that his legacy will at least include minced sheep entrails

    At last, real change we can believe in: the Obama administration is lifting the pernicious ban on haggis that for more than 20 years has deprived Americans the chance to munch the great chieftain o' the pudden-race…

    So here at least Obama has achieved something that neither his predecessor nor Bill Clinton had the courage to take on.

    Say what you will about this oft-maligned bit of Scottish cuisine, but I can actually imagine myself watching haggis being made without throwing up. And that's more than I can say for health care reform.

    In other news: America had a 20 year ban on haggis? (Oddly, in all that time, this never came up once for me.)

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