• LiveBlog: Barack Obama's First Official STFU Address

    10:28 –
    That's it for this post. But I live on… in your hopes and dreams… and in the Bob McConnell response post.

    10:28 – Chris Matthews: "I forgot he was black tonight for an hour."

    Be that as it may, I never forgot how blindingly white you are.

    10:22 - Mary: "'We don't quit, I don't quit.' And with that, he's out."

    10:21 – Wait, that's it? It's over? No mention of the new Battlestar Galactica spin-off? Lame!

    10:19 – "…the little boy who sent me his allowance and asked me to give it to the people of Haiti…" Why, because he's black?! So, he must know all the people who live in Haiti, right?!


    10:15 – The Awl: "AL QAEDA HAS A SPIDER ARMY NOW? Oh phew. He said "fighters." I don't know why I was thinking about spiders!"

    10:13 – DADT gets its mention, and everyone stands up but the military people. (They don't want anyone to think Obama's talking about them.)

    10:12 – From the comments: "I dream of a world where nuclear weapons are reduced and only killer robots fill our skies." (Tony DiGerolamo)

    10:09 – We're an hour in and he's hit upon supporting the troops, and still no mention repealing DADT. Did Axelrod lie to us?

    10:08 – Daily Kos: "Eric Cantor really is cultivating the Smithers-to-Boehner's-orange-Burns look, in'nt he?"

    10:07 – I'm glad we're pulling all of our troops out of Iraq. We'll need them for Afghanistan.

    10:03 – "Just saying no to everything may be good short term politics, but it isn't leadership."


    10:01 – "We can't wage a perpetual campaign where the goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headline for the other side." Wanna bet?

    FOX NEWS HEADLINE: Barack Obama Tells America It Can't Achieve Its Goals

    9:59 – "Of course, none of these reforms will even happen…" Yes, we had assumed that.

    9:58 – Upma, tell Clay to shut his mouth. (<—in joke. sorry everyone but two people.)

    9:55 – "The freeze won't take effect until next year, when the economy is stronger." Oh, is the economy supposed to get stronger? I thought we were just eating out of tin cans from now on. I'm gonna go buy me a new top hat!

    9:53 – BBC: "It always helps when politicians have a dragon to slay." How cute. They think we have dragons. (our producer, Mary)

    9:52 – Mary: "Obama inherited a massive deficit… or so he says. I haven't seen that deficit's birth certificate."

    9:51 – Ha! Look at John McCain. I wish I could read lips. No, wait. I'm glad I can't.

    9:49 – "If anyone from any party has a better idea, let me know."

    I hear that Michele Bachmann has some great ideas. Tell him all your great ideas Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann? Michele Bachmann?

    9:44 – From the comments: "This speech is a lot funnier if you add the word "bitches" to end of every sentence before a pause for applause…bitches." (Tony DiGerolamo)

    9:42 – "In the United States of America, nobody should go broke because they chose to go to college." Now he tells me. (Waaaa waaa waaaaaaaaa…)

    9:41 – Tymlee: "The Democrats are sure getting a good work-out tonight…no squats for them tomorrow."

    9:40 – Mary: "'We need to export more goods.' Get those iPad orders in, Rest Of The World!"

    9:39 – These people will applaud anything. I think they just like playing The Applauding Game.

    9:36 – There's that "clean coal" mythology again. Tell me, is this clean coal mined by little pixie miners in the Appalachian Cloud Range?

    9:35 – "Safe, clean nuclear power plants" is a standing ovation line? Really? Isn't that a fist pump when you're on the way to Subway?

    9:34 – "I will send it back until we get it right." Translation: Do not expect this thing to happen ever. But please do applaud.

    9:30 – Mary: "He wants to give $30B to small businesses instead of Wall St. The GOP will find a way to hate this somehow… there must be a way…"

    9:28 – "We can put Americans to work today, building the infrastructure for tomorrow." Can we get that with bucket seats?

    9:25 – "That's why I'm calling for a new job's bill tonight!"

    Congress can pass a bill that will make jobs come back? Why didn't they just do that before? Man, those people are hapless. (Don't tell Detroit about this.)

    9:24 – Baratunde Thurston: "OMG!! i got the text of Obama's speech AND HE USES A SEMICOLON 28 TIMES!!! SOCIALIST!"

    9:23 – "Let me repeat. We cut taxes." "We have not raised income taxes by a single dime for a single person."

    Um… I'm gonna have to go check with the Den Leader of my local Teabag lodge before I respond to that. But I'm not putting my angry hat away yet, though!

    9:18 – Yay! We're all united in our hatred!?

    9:17 – "I have never been more hopeful for America's future than I am tonight."

    I had no idea Obama has always been such a pessimist.

    9:14 – Look at Joe Biden. He's already zoning out and thinking about the Boston box set he ordered from the local Tower.

    9:09 - via Mary Phillips-Sandy, livetweeting this for us: "Michelle Obama is wearing purple. She looks awesome, and very bipartisan. #sotu"

    9:07 – Here comes the president! He actually decided to show up. That was brave of him, I think.

    9:02 - Ugh! I just realized that the Hulu player I embedded here is livestreaming Fox News' feed. I'm so sorry. If you're following along there, expect lots of Das Kapital quotes and a 'prayer to Mecca' intermission.

    8:57 – Here we go. Are you there? I'm not. Oh, wait. Yes, I am. I'm here. I confused me with Charles Bronson. (For the record, Charles Bronson is not here.)

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