• LiveBlog: Bob McDonnell's Response to Barack Obama's First Official STFU Address

    10:44 – This was not a response. This was barely even a speech. What was this? Why did I just watch this?

    10:42 – Did you notice that he quoted Scott Brown? That's because Scott Brown is the new Joe the Plumber.

    10:41 – Haha! They got tricked into applauding for Haiti. That country is full of black people and French people. Jokes on them.

    10:40 – Does anybody know what this guy is saying? I know all these words, but I don't know what they mean next to one another.

    10:38 – Mary: "I think Bob McDonnell uses the same shampoo as John Edwards. "

    10:37 – I don't get it. Am I stupid? Is this a response to Obama's speech or just words spoken out loud in front of people who like to clap?

    10:35 – The word "Twitter" got a laugh. I don't think those people know what that word is.

    10:34 – "We want results, not rhetoric." This gets huge applause from the GOP.

    GOP: Irony – Fuck It!

    10:33 – I like this guy so much more than the guy who gave the response last year. He seems more like me and my family. He's much less brown.

    10:30 - Sports Center! I watch that! That's so down to Earth!

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