• How to Make Any Random Statement an Argument Against DADT

    So, we all obviously knew that after news got around that Barack Obama was going to mention that maybe gay soldiers shouldn't be fired for being gay soldiers, all kinds of Yes, let's continue persecuting gay people! people were going to come out of the woodwork. Even though we knew it, it still sucks to actually have to deal with them.

    Case in point: Here's Elaine Donnelly — head of the Center for Military Readiness and outspoken anti-gay-person person — explaining, through enhanced-interrogationed logic, why Abu Ghraib actually translates to "No Homo"

    We all support women in the military.

    First of all, right out of the gate, I wouldn't bet my paycheck that that's true. But, okay, let's just pretend…

    However, [former Clinton adviser Richard Socarides] says that everything has been going on just fine without incident. Umm, what was that Abu Ghraib scandal all about?

    Hrrrmmmm… Let's see. I thought it was about fearfulness, the demonizing of an unfamiliar culture, and a Nuremberg-esque loss of morality in the face of blind authority. But I have a feeling that you're going to say something different…

    It started out as misconduct between men and women and then it steadily deteriorated into abuse of prisoners. The common denominator is lack of discipline.

    So, gay people kill discipline in heterosexuals? Are there gay anti-discipline fungal spores? That kind of makes sense. Oh, wait. No. No it doesn't at all…

    Once you break down discipline, good order and discipline and morale, everything that's required for unit cohesion, you undermine the culture and the strength of the armed forces.

    Well, yes, but… What?

    This man obviously doesn't get that.

    This man (<—me) obviously doesn't get that either. Because I don't see what any of this has to do with gay people not being fired from the military for being gay people. How is this an argument against DADT? Is there some data somewhere that shows that gay people are somehow less disciplined that straight people? If there is, then I have some issues with that data, because that data is kind of a bigot.

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