• Liz Cheney Wants to Remind You to Be Afraid, Thank You

    Keep America Safe — Liz Cheney's non-profit media nightmare factory — just released its response to Barack Obama's STFU address…

    Oh God! This Barack Obama mad man is going get us all killed with his "dangerous" policies and casually open tuxedo shirt! He wants to give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a trial just a few blocks away from the World Trade Crater?! What if he escapes, climbs into a double-parked Boeing 757 and flies into it all over again?!

    And what's all this about the underwear bomber being read his rights in accordance with the Supreme Court's landmark Miranda v. Arizona decision way back in 1966?! When did that shit start happening? It sounds kind of crazy and reckless to me. Especially with those terrifying minor chords being played over it. Terrifying!

    All I can say is, thank God we have reasonable Liz Cheney around to keep America safe from not being scared shitless.

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