• Colbert's Best Air America Moments

    Once upon a time, after years of hearing blowhard conservative assholes on talk-radio, some liberals decided they too would like to have some blowhard assholes on talk-radio, and Air America was born. Finally, people who thought NPR was too balanced and Randi Rhodes-deficient had something to shove in their ear holes. It couldn't possibly fail. And yet, late last month, it did. Probably on account of some sort of vast right-wing conspiracy. Anyway, let us now take a few moments to remember the ragtag radio network that couldn't with this hand-picked collection of Colbert Report clips.

    Tip/Wag: Air America

    Unlike Air America, the list continues below.

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    Al Franken (March, 2006)

    All Franken (March, 2006 – Part II)

    Ron Reagan

    Ron Reagan – Part II

    Al Franken (November, 2006)

    Rachel Maddow

    Arianna Huffington

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