• Oh, So Now There's a Rumor About John Edwards Hitting His Wife? I'm Sorry, But Is There Room for Another Head in That Oven?

    Okay, let's just get a few things straight before we go any further.

    First of all, the source here The National Enquirer, which itself is sourcing an anonymous "friend" of Elizabeth Edwards, who is trustworthy enough to confide in, but also willing to run to the closet tabloid with the confidential information to see his/her non-name in print. (Oh, but he/she passed a lie detector test, so his/her word is obviously gold.)

    Okay, now that we got that out of the way

    "John [Edwards] beat me," Elizabeth [Edwards] had told the friend.

    Hello, ugly rumor that I hope is not true. How nice to meet you…

    Other sources confirm that the couple's furious confrontation was the "final straw" in 60-year-old Elizabeth's decision to end their 32-year marriage.

    According to the source, Elizabeth said this was the final straw: "When he (John) made the decision to hit me, it was over." The Enquirer also recounts incidents where Elizabeth "lashed out physically at John."

    Okay, so the jury is definitely out on whether or not John Edwards "made the decision to hit" his wife (that seems like a bad decision to make), but he had clearly at some point "made the decision" to be a complete dirt bag. So, who knows!

    Does he recreationally electrocute puppies with Michael Vick? Subjugate a species of anthropoid bug-people in a South African ghetto? Do script punch-ups for Michael Bay? I don't know! I don't know what this guy is capable of!

    Personally, I'm holding out hope that this is just a scuzzy rumor about a scuzzy person by a scuzzy magazine that you're reading about now on a scuzzy website.

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