• Barack Obama Says Something or Other at National Prayer Breakfast

    President Obama sure does like giving speeches, doesn't he?

    In an appearance today at the National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. Obama conceded that policy differences would often separate the political parties. But he challenged lawmakers and religious leaders to step beyond their comfort zones and unify on at least some daily challenges, not only when a calamity like the Haiti earthquake strikes.

    "Too often that spirit is missing without the spectacular tragedy," Mr. Obama said. "We become numb to the day-to-day crises. We become absorbed with our abstract arguments, our ideological disputes, our contests for power. And in this tower of babble, we lose the sound of God's voice."

    You know, I read that far down into this article and had to pause. Because it really got me thinking… What the fuck is Barack Obama doing speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast?

    The National Prayer Breakfast, which has been held for the last half-century in Washington, drew criticism by some liberal groups this year because the sponsor of the event, an evangelical Christian network called The Fellowship [or The Family], is allegedly tied to legislation in Uganda that calls for the imprisonment and execution of homosexuals

    "We may disagree about gay marriage," Mr. Obama said…

    Fun fact: They actually totally agree about denying gay people the right to get married. Yeah, it's funny.

    …"but surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are, whether it is right here in the United States or as Hillary mentioned more extremely in odious laws that are being proposed most recently in Uganda." He added, "Surely we can agree to find common ground when possible, parting ways when necessary, but in doing so, let us be guided by our faith and by prayer."

    And that is why I am sitting down to a meal with you and giving credence to your organizations' anti-First Amendment, anti-social liberties agenda. To talk about why we should all pray more often?

    How inspirational and bipartisan! I love having a president who's willing to spout ethereal rhetoric while being honored by thinly-veiled hate groups. I can't wait to see what he has to say at the National Pedophile and Basement Torturer Association's annual BBQ.

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