• Rahm Emanuel Has to Take the "R-Word Pledge"

    Remember when Rahm Emanuel said that foul-mouthed thing that upset people? Sorry, I should be more specific. This thing, "f—ing retarded," used to describe "liberal groups and White House aides" in a meeting several months ago.

    Apologies ensued, but that wasn't good enough once Sarah Palin hit the Facebook "dislike" button, so now the Rahm Emanuel Atonement Tour rolls on to its next stop

    White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel apologized again Wednesday for using the word "retarded" during a private meeting last summer, telling advocates for the disabled that he will join their campaign to help end the use of the word.

    "We are happy that he will join more than 54,000 other Americans in pledging to end the use of the R-word at www.r-word.org, and that he committed that the administration would continue to look for ways to partner with us, including examining pending legislation in Congress to remove the R-word from federal law," they said in the statement.

    Of course, this is Rahm Emanuel we're talking about.

    I'm sure he knows a way to, ahh, enforce changes in pending legislation. Like, replace that 't' with a 'p' and that 'ard' with 'ubl' and then the 'ed' with 'ican.'

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