• Can John Edwards Rise Again? (Let's All Hope Not, Okay?)

    If you had asked me fifteen minutes ago if my opinion of John Edwards could drop any lower than it already has, I would have laughed in your face because you would sound like such an idiot for asking such a ridiculous question with such an obviously negatory answer attached to it because, really, what a stupid thing to ask.

    However — as has now been revealed to me — under such circumstances, it would be I who was the idiot. For PR director and Fox News talking head Peter Mirijanian has posited a truly nauseating possible future

    "The public used to count people out and you wouldn't hear from them again. That's not the case anymore. There are so many ways to rehabilitate yourself… The American public likes a feel-good story, they like a story of redemption.

    "Five years ago, the well-trod path was to go on Larry King; today, it begins on Oprah. Edwards has "got to do the one interview. And I think it has to be a visual medium. I don't think the full-page story in the New York Times cuts it."

    First of all, yuck.

    Second of all, with all due respect to the Cult of the Oprah, I don't think they've invented a big enough couch for John Edwards to jump this shit away.

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