• The Uncut-iest Jon Stewart/Bill O'Reilly Interview

    If you've got a spare 45-minutes to watch something truly mesmerizing this cold Friday afternoon — and, let's face it, you're a stoned slacker, so you do — might I recommend this supposedly complete, uncut, no-awkward-pause-expunged version of the Stewart/O'Reilly meeting of the mind(s). I think it's pretty worth it…

    Where to begin? I have so many favorite parts of this interview, I don't know which one is my favorite-est.

    Is it maybe how impressed O'Reilly is that Stewart has a pretty decent understanding of political science compared to O'Reilly's own color-inside-the-numbers version?

    Or how there's one Jewish guy on O'Reilly's staff who can't contain himself from laughing at every one of Stewart's Hebrew-centic jokes?

    No. It's probably the part — waaaaay near the end — where Stewart is jokingly trying to get O'Reilly to admit he likes him, and then O'Reilly creepily gets a little too honest?

    O'Reilly: You know who I don't like?
    Stewart: Who?
    O'Reilly: Colbert.
    Stewart: Stop it. He's a wonderful man.
    O'Reilly: No, he's not.

    Bill O'Reilly, pretty much the definition of classy, am I right?

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