• New Report: Rep. John Murtha Died Because of a Doctor's Mistake

    Ugh. This is awful. Stop reading right here if you're scheduled for "routine surgery" anytime soon…

    Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha died Monday as a result of recent gallbladder surgery complications which arose from doctors accidentally nicking Murtha's intestines, a source close to the late congressman has told CNN. The procedure was "routine minimally invasive surgery," but doctors "hit his intestines," the source said.

    As tragic as this news is, I guess mistakes can happen, even when you have health insurance and a good doctor, right? So at least there's no obvious way Murtha's death can be exploited as an argument for or against health care reform.

    Although I'm sure someone will think of something.

    Btw, we wrote an obit for "The Manatee of Congress" yesterday, but I'd just like to suggest that Murtha was a smidge more complex than we made him out to be — yes, he was crazy in love with pork; yes, the Abscam scandal in 1980; yes, Redneckgate of '08, but also: he was the first Vietnam combat vet to serve in Congress, he was a passionate advocate for veteran's issues, he fought for anti-torture legislation and in 2005 he took serious heat from Karl Rove and other GOP operatives for his prescient criticism of the Iraq war strategy. So please, keep all that in mind when you remember the Manatee of Congress.

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